Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Why does anybody believe anything David Icke says when he repeats shit like this?

Dear David Icke,

It has long since been said that you contaminate the truth about the evil and corruption in the world with idiotic nonsense thus discrediting everything. If somebody was to shit diarrhoea in the cake display, nobody would touch even the delicacies in boxes at the farthest edge. And that, mate, is what you do; like it or not. You could have or could still choose not to but you persist in doing it with the kind of arrogance which only makes you and your followers look even more pathetic.

And over the years you have made many patently false claims, some of which you swept away after they were exposed, some you never let go. You like to tell everybody that you said this, that or the other twenty five years ago when, in fact, you were repeating allegations made by somebody else and trying to take the credit. Or you may claim to have brought something to the world's attention when in fact it is a blatent lie such as your claim to have exposed Jimmy Savile when there is not a shred of evidence that you mentioned him in relation to any of his depravity until after his death - not unlike the mainstream media you claim to oppose.

But here's a joke from yesterday's David Icke headlines page which I was going to ignore but which is like an itch no amount of scratching will rid:

So Who Knew What? – Banned BBC Not The Nine O’Clock News Sketch (1979-1982)

What the fuck are you talking about, Icke? Banned? Where did you find that this video was banned? I realise that journalists of your calibre like to keep their sources confidential but perhaps you can simply point the reader to any evidence whatsoever that it is banned at all.

You often go on about repeaters but you are as much a repeater as anybody. You posted this story without so much as even asking yourself if its claim was true.

You are full of shit.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Teaching goldfish how to drive - how humanity fucks the planet

If ever there was an example of human folly in the face of impending catastrophe, surely this is it.

Everybody must have looked at the technology in their pockets or homes and wondered just how necessary it actually was at some point or other. Cars are many times smarter than the vehicles which allegedly took men to the moon but hardly improve our lives as the more technologically advanced they become, the more they malfunction and the more stress they cause. Let's face it, we don't need cars which can be controlled remotely by iPad so that we can manoeuvre it through a gate, which we get out of the car to open, to save having to get back into it for a few seconds before getting out to shut the gate - the only reason so far put forward in promotions for the newest Land Rover Discovery prototypes. The geek's wet dream is the necessity of the marketeers to find innovative crap to appeal to the consumers with the right amount of money available.

Nobody wants a straightforward reliable car anymore because that would throw a spanner in the works of the sacred economy and the Land Rover brand amply illustrates this - second hand low tech Land Rover Defenders sell for approximately twice as much as Land Rover Discovery models of the same age.

So, back to the goldfish; why, when there are countless issues which need resolving on this slowly collapsing planet, does anybody think it a worthy investment of time and money to invent a device which allows a goldfish to steer a toy car? Why?

No doubt, there will be a PR guru on hand at some future point to explain the benefits to mankind. I remember vividly hearing that the technological advances gained from the investment into the the Apollo program would help to end world hunger - even as a nine year old, I was scratching my head wondering how to phrase the obvious question to ask my oracle at that age, my Dad.

And for once, big corporations and governments can't be pilloried - this project was crowdfunded through Kickstarter; the idiocy of democratic enterprise.

According to historical myth (a deliberate oxymoron, before you start writing), Nero fiddled whilst Rome burned. In this democratised age we will all fiddle; some with computerised cars with all round smart glass, drive by wire and virtual transparent bodywork and others with empty bean cans.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Death of Michael C Ruppert

Michael C Ruppert died from a gunshot wound to the head on 13th April. Without speculating, it clearly looked like suicide.

I have followed Mike Ruppert's work for at least a decade and whilst I may have had certain reservations about some of his thoughts and conclusions, I tended to agree with him on most things but this is not the time or place for pedantic analysis.

I listened to his last broadcast of The Lifeboat Hour, after I heard he had died - recorded very shortly beforehand, looking for something to indicate his state of mind - not out of some need to prove that he had met the same fate as Gary Webb because he wasn't suicidal, rather because I know from my own experience how well practised one can be at projecting an image of normality to the world whilst internally falling apart or imagining self-annihilation. There was nothing, except perhaps in the nuance of the lyrics of a song he played (Calling All Angels by Jane Siberry and k d lang) which indicated he was about to end his life. Indeed, he signed off with the clearest intention of being back the following week.

Like many, I sought confirmation of the unbelievable truth of what I had heard and there was little apart from forum speculation to go on. There were just two news websites which reported Mike Ruppert's death:

I am not so naive that I would expect it to be international news but I was surprised how difficult it was to find information, even his Wikipedia page kept changing from one minute to the next.

But whilst I can reconcile myself to the news not permeating into the mainstream, I cannot really accept that it has been ignored by others who purport to have the same or similar goals and who have trodden the same path. Most notably, there was not (and currently, is not) a single word about Mike Ruppert's death on or any other of Alex Jone's websites. It's no secret that Ruppert and Jones did not get on and had traded acerbic comments but anybody who has followed the unfolding of the 9/11 myth from the outset will know that they were both amongst the very few who spoke out from the beginning. Jones' failure to acknowledge Mike Ruppert's death is a further indication of what a disrespectful gristle head Alex Jones really is.

Elsewhere, it was eventually reported (three days later) on David Icke's ironically titled Headlines page (often stories are years out of date) but rather than linking to one of the two sites which broke the story, David Icke resorted to his Daily Mail fetish and linked to a shoddy little scribble flanked by celebrity tittle-tattle and upskirt photos.

Please ignore these sweaty wealth seeking egos and watch this personal and emotional tribute from RT's Abby Martin.

Friday, 28 March 2014

David Icke Forum has virtually died in the wake of The People's Voice debacle

There was a very short lived rumour a couple of days ago - it lasted all of about five minutes - that David Icke had quit The People's voice live on air in a kind of homage-cum-parody of Liz Wahl's dramatic outing as an American agent on Russia Today. The problem was that nobody could confirm or deny the rumour because nobody was watching and ultimately, noboday gave a shit.

But it prompted me to look in at the once souk like David Icke Forum to see if there was any hint of truth in what had been posted as a totally off-topic comment on this blog post:

I could almost hear the tumble weed. In the Today's News section, which used to be abuzz with discussion, argument and speculation, was populated by only a handful of posts made within the previous 24 hours.

So, what happened? Well, it's very unlikely that this decline happened in the aftermath of The People's Voice fiasco is a co-incidence. There were a lot of people who became disillusioned or had their fingers burned by David Icke and Sean Adl-Tabatabai's venture. But it was also a bit of an online pogrom - those who did not evacuate voluntarily were subjected to mass censorship and swathing bans. Those who remain active are very likely the David Icke inner circle, the sycophants the feeble minded.

Yet, David Icke chants the mantra that The People's Voice figures are rising despite adversity in his latest round of fleacing.

The great man has booked Wembley Arena again for this coming October - he might be as well to check the availability of a nearby phone box.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

David Icke - You are so full of shit you don't know what shit smells like

I all but abandoned this blog because frankly, I have better things to do with my life than swat the flies on David Icke's bullshit but sometimes I just can't help myself. Like giving up smoking and having a cigarette after one too many beers, I'll probably regret it in the morning.

But seriously. Fucking seriously!

Having failed to keep a functioning television station running despite having raised over four times what he said he needed (he originally asked for £100k, got £300k and then got another £100k in another campaign), David Icke is asking his disciples for £250k to 'take The People's Voice to the next level'.

Considering that The People's Voice is currently dead in the water, what does Mr Icke mean by 'the next level'? Stretchered into a life raft?

But, hey, there is good news, guys! Because according to the David Icke Headlines page:

*Please note: Viewing figures show that The People’s Voice is gathering pace and popularity all the time – despite all the challenges.

Latest figures electronically recorded with 100% accuracy show that the TPV to-air screen had nearly 1.6 million views last month with this month promising to surpass that.

Taking all views together, the to-air page, YouTube and other sources The People’s Voice has so far had more than six million views since the station went to air only in late November.

The potential is fantastic, especially if we can gain access to two satellites which is now a strong possibility if we get the support.

Support TPV – the dream has only just begun.

Blimey! So, since the station effectively went off air and started showing only pregurgitated* shows, the viewing figures have increased by a staggering factor.

Why might this be? Well, the answer might lie in the fact that there is a TPV viewer embedded on every page on David Icke's website so whether you like it or not, as soon as you open a page on his site, you become a viewer. And if you are on a device with a data quota, you can loiter on that page indefinitely oblivious to the fact that your data quota is squirting away, largely because the sound on the TPV viewer is muted by default, so once you have started to scroll down the page, you will no longer be aware that the viewer is stealing your limited bandwidth.

David Icke, you have been known internationally as an unhinged conspiracy theorist, giving genuine conspiracy researchers a bad name but really, you are a phony. More recently, it has become clear that you are a con man and now you are visibly an absolute liar who screws people out of their internet usage in order to massage your viewing figures and ego.

You are a fucking despicable turd.

* word I made up

Monday, 10 February 2014

Healthy but Unwanted Giraffe Butchered for the Amusement of Children

It's difficult to say what is more disgusting and disturbing.

That the management of Copenhagen Zoo ignored a petition signed by thousands and the pleas of other zoos around the world, including Yorkshire Zoo (which has a state of the art giraffe house) to adopt the young giraffe called Marius which they were threatening to kill.

Or that once they had killed it, they decided to butcher it in front of, and presumably for the amusement of, a crowd of onlookers which included many young children.

Or that the onlookers seemed to enjoy the sight of a young animal being butchered in such a way that served no other purpose than to amuse them.

Or that the whole spectacle was broadcast worldwide live.

The footage is not easy to watch, even for a carnivore, so the video has not been embedded but it can be seen here:

Shocking footage of dead giraffe killed by zookeepers in Denmark

There is something in the amalgamation of the above factors which suggests that there was a determination to hack this unfortunate beast to pieces which transcended any trace of compassion in those who were responsible for its welfare. This is yet another example of how people end up in the wrong job.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

This Man Should Be Unemployed: Bent Coppers at Barton Moss

This man is a proven liar as can be seen from the video below. He represents authority in the UK and, like the politicians he protects, exemplifies how lying has become an acceptable means of propulsion in today's world. How can this man, and many, if not most, of his colleagues have any position in a sector of society which aims to provide justice when they lie with impunity. He is acting as an industrial security guard paid for out of British taxes; a corporate agent.

This is the face of a bully and a coward, a man who without the backing of his uniformed gang or secret society brethren would not have the balls to lie in somebody's face. All bullies are cowards because they only abuse people who they know cannot or will not retaliate. His two colleagues are spineless collaborators in his power trip. Look at the arrogance in his face. He loves the power his uniform gives him and he loves the fact that he can lie and his gormless colleagues will either believe him or play along with his power game.

People who abuse their authority like this man are scum. There is no plausible justifiable excuse for their behaviour. Watch this video and decide if you would even  this man to give honest testimony. He is not fit to clean the urinals in a homeless shelter.